This is a list of my research publications with links and PDFs (in the case of closed access articles), last updated on November 22, 2019. Also see my Google Scholar profile.


Peer-reviewed publications

Henter HJ, Imondi R, James K, Spencer D, Steinke D. (2016). DNA Barcoding in Diverse Educational Settings: Five Case Studies. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B. Biological Sciences 371: 20150340. Open access.

Tosh J, James K, Rumsey F, Crookshank A & Hopkins D. Is DNA barcoding child’s play? Involving school children in testing the utility of DNA barcoding for the discrimination of UK tree species. Botanical Journal of the Linnean Society 181(4): 711–722. Open access.

Stanton BA, Caldwell K, Congdon CB, Disney J, Donahue M, Ferguson E, Flemings E, Golden M, Guerinot ML, Highman J, James K, et al. (2015). MDI Biological Laboratory Arsenic Summit: Approaches to Limiting Human Exposure to Arsenic. Current Environmental Health Reports 2: 329. Open access.

Bateman RM, James KE, Rudall PJ (2013). Contrast in levels of morphological versus molecular divergence between closely related Eurasian species of Platanthera (Orchidaceae) suggests recent evolution with a strong allometric component. New Journal of Botany 2 (2), 110-148. Link. PDF.

Johnson KG, Brooks SJ, Fenberg PB, Glover AG, James KE, Lister AM, Michel E, Spencer M, Todd JA, Valsami-Jones E, Young JR and Stewart JR (2011). Climate change and biosphere response: unlocking the collections vault. BioScience 61(2): 147-153. Open access.

Lister AM, Brooks SJ, Fenberg PB, Glover AG, James KE, Johnson KG, Michel E, Okamura B, Spencer M, Stewart JR, Todd JA, Valsami-Jones E, Young J (2011). Natural history collections as sources of long-term datasets. Trends in Ecology & Evolution 26(4): 153-154. Link. PDF.

Hoeck PEA, Beaumont MA, James KE, Grant RB, Grant PR and Keller LF (2010). Saving Darwin’s muse: evolutionary genetics for the recovery of the Floreana mockingbird. Biology Letters 6(2): 212-215. Open access.

Bateman RM, James KE, Luo Y-B, Lauri RK, Fulcher T, Cribb PJ and Chase MW (2009). Molecular phylogenetics and morphological reappraisal of the Platanthera clade (Orchidaceae: Orchidinae) prompts expansion of the generic limits of Galearis and Platanthera. Annals of Botany 104(3): 431-445. Open access.

Hollingsworth PM, Forrest LL, Spouge JL, Hajibabaei M, Ratnasingham S, van der Bank M, Chase MW, Cowan RS, Erickson DL, Fazekas AJ, Graham SW, James KE, Kim K-J, Kress WJ, Schneider H, et al. and Little, DP (2009). A DNA barcode for land plants. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 106(31): 12794-12797. Open access.

James KE, Schneider H, Ansell SW, Evers M, Robba L, Uszynski G, Pedersen N, Newton AE, Russell SJ, Vogel JC and Kilian A (2008). Diversity arrays technology (DArT) for pan-genomic evolutionary studies of non-model organisms. PLoS ONE 3(2), e1682. Open access.

Bateman RM, Rudall PJ and James KE (2006). Phylogenetic context, generic affinities and evolutionary origin of the enigmatic Balkan orchid Gymnadenia frivaldii Hampe ex Griseb. Taxon 55:107-118. Link. PDF.

Dorman JB, James KE, Fraser SE, Kiehart DP and Berg CA (2004). Bullwinkle is required for epithelial morphogenesis during Drosophila oogenesis. Developmental Biology 267 (2), 320-341. Open access.

James KE and Berg CA (2003). Temporal comparison of Broad-Complex expression during eggshell-appendage patterning and morphogenesis in two Drosophila species with different eggshell-appendage numbers. Gene Expression Patterns 3(5): 629-634. Link. PDF.

James KE, Dorman JB and Berg CA (2002). Mosaic analyses reveal the function of Drosophila Ras in embryonic dorsoventral patterning and dorsal follicle cell morphogenesis. Development 129(9): 2209-2222. Open access.


Book chapters

James KE (2015). DNA Barcoding Darwin’s Meadow. In: Boulter C.J., Reiss M.J., Sanders D.L. (eds). Darwin-Inspired Learning. New Directions in Mathematics and Science Education. SensePublishers, Rotterdam. Link. PDF.

Hopkins D and James KE (2010). Tree School – A new innovation for science and education. In: Nimis PL and Vignes Lebbe R, (eds). Tools for Identifying Biodiversity: Progress and Problems. 395-400. Open access.


Selected published abstracts, reports, and letters

James, KE (2019). Ten years of DNA barcoding in diverse educational contexts:
lessons learned and future potential. Genome. 62(6): 349-453. Open access.

James, KE (2017). Damn it, Jim, it’s a tricorder: a live demonstration of the components of a hand-held, real-time DNA barcoding device. Genome. 60(11): 881-1019. Open access.

Zoellick W, Webber H, James K, Miller-Rushing A, and Marion M (2015). Measuring Participant Engagement in Short-Duration Citizen Science Events. Paper presented at Citizen Science 2015, San Jose, CA, Feb. 11-12, 2015. PDF.

James, KE (2015). Combining citizen science and DNA-assisted species identification to enable “a new kind of ecology.” Genome 58: 231-232. Open access.

Ramgren, AC, Newhall, HS, & James, KE (2015). DNA barcoding and metabarcoding with the Oxford Nanopore MinION. Genome 58: 268. Open access.

James KE (2009). The new Beagle: a flagship for science in a new age of sail. Zoologica Scripta 38,6(11): 667-667. Link. PDF.